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Traffic Guide

【Drive by yourself】

  1. Take National Highway No. 3 to Pingtung "Nanzhou" (424K) and get off at the interchange, turn left to Taiwan Line 1 and go south, follow the "Kenting National Park" indicator (connect to Taiwan Line 26) to Checheng, and see Lairfu intersection Turn left (County Road 199), go straight along the road for about five kilometers into Sichong River, and when you see Fuquan Palace, turn left and you will see Shexia Liyu Hot Spring Club.

【Public transportation】

  1. High-speed rail

    Take the high-speed rail to Zuoying Station, take the Kenting Express Line (Kenting 88 train) at Exit 3, get off at Checheng Station, and then transfer to the special bus to Sichongxi.

【Bus transfer】

  1. Kenting Express Zuoying←→Checheng

    Ride time: about 90 minutes | Service time: 08:00-19:30 | Every 30 minutes
  2. Kenting 88 Train Zuoying←→Checheng

    Ride time: about 115 minutes | Service time 08:45-20:45 | 30 minutes every train
  3. Sizhongxi Special Car City←→Sizhongxi

    Ride time: about 5-8 minutes  please refer to the official website of Pingtung Passenger Transport for departure information