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  • Xuhai Prairie

    Xuhai Prairie, also known as "Zhongzheng Prairie", is located in Xuhai Village, Mudan Township, Pingtung County. It is about 300 meters above sea level and covers an area of 300 hectares. The endless verdant grassland makes people feel comfortable. In the natural pool, cows and sheep can be seen leisurely foraging for food. To the east, you can also overlook the vast Pacific Ocean. It is a good place to relax.
  • Mudan Reservoir

    The Mudan Reservoir is located in Shimen Village, Mudan Township. It was completed at the end of 1984. It is a collection of water from the upstream tributaries of the Sichong River in the Mudan River and Nuye River Basin. The dam is 65 meters high and 445.6 meters long. It is an earth-rock dam structure with a water storage capacity of about 30 million cubic meters and an annual water supply of about 37.1 million tons, which supplies water to the area south of Donggang to the Hengchun Peninsula.
    After passing through Shimen Village in this township, you can see the Mudan Bridge with aboriginal style. Looking north from the bridge, you can see the majestic Mudan Reservoir spillway gate. Walking in the dam crest viewing area, you can overlook Shimen Village and have a panoramic view of the whole village. Overlooking the panoramic view of the water storage area, the long white clouds and green mountains are reflected on the calm water, presenting a harmonious and tranquil beauty, which is refreshing.
  • Fu'an Palace

    Checheng Fu'an Temple is located in Checheng Township, Pingtung County, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The Fu’an Palace in Checheng is said to have a majestic power that has blessed the township for 300 years. It is a local faith center in Hengchun. The statue of the land in the main hall is covered with gold medals. It is said that it was awarded by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty and gave a crown and dragon. Wearing the robe, it appears to be the most prestigious landlord in the province.
    Checheng also has the most famous local snack "Mung Bean Garlic" which is praised by the diners who have been here.
  • Marine Museum

    After the opening of the "Taiwan Waters Pavilion" and "Coral Kingdom Pavilion", the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium introduces the "World Waters Pavilion", which covers global waters and ancient oceans, through the integration of cutting-edge technology Four themes: ocean, seaweed forest, deep waters, and polar waters. It enables the visitors to achieve an educational and entertaining visit experience in the context of the combination of virtual and physical.
  • Hengchun Old Town

    The ancient place name of Hengchun was "Langqiao" or "Langqiao". It was renamed "Hengchun" after the Qing Dynasty because of the pleasant climate and the four seasons like spring. The ancient city of Hengchun, located in the center of the town, is quite intact. The four thick gates form a suitable tourist circle. From the west gate, tourists can hike to Tianhou Temple, Houdong Mountain, and South Gate, and then turn to the east gate to get a panoramic view of Hengchun Township.